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Hamilton Spectator
59 Gray Street
PO Box 416
Victoria 3300
Phone: (03) 5572 1011
Fax: (03) 5572 3800


Richard Beks
Ph: (03) 5572 1011

General Manager

Greg Stevens
Ph: (03) 5551 3888


Sonia Gillingham
Ph: (03) 5551 3847

Production Manager

Peter Weston
Ph: (03) 5551 3837

Display Advertising

Sonia Gillingham
Ph: (03) 5551 3847


Through Hamilton Spectator
Ararat 7
Balmoral 60
Branxholme 51
Caramut 5
Cavendish 16
Coleraine 250
Derrinallum 2
Digby 14
Dunkeld 131
Edenhope 9
Glenthompson 50
Hamilton 2990
Harrow 11
Hawkesdale 40
Horsham 7
Koroit 35
Lake Bolac 25
Lismore 4
Macarthur 105
Merino 45
Mortlake 30
Penshurst 135
Port Fairy 55
Skipton 8
Streatham 3
Tarrington 35
Warrnambool 75
Willaura 9
Woolsthorpe 14
Yambuk 6
TOTAL 4227
Through Portland Observer
Dartmoor 23
Portland 2510
Heywood 327
Narrawong 60
TOTAL 2920
Through Casterton News
Through Other Newspapers
Camperdown Chronicle 900
Cobden Times 1100
Mortlake Dispatch 300
Terang Express 700
TOTAL 3000
Australia Post Farmer Points
Allansford 136
Ararat 445
Avoca 50
Beeac 263
Caramut 94
Chatsworth 18
Colac 139
Colac East 20
Colac West 25
Cressy 89
Creswick 344
Creswick North 4
Hawkesdale 84
Koroit 176
Lake Bolac 123
Port Fairy 204
Streatham 65
Timboon 225
Timboon West 16
Wangoom 20
Warrnambool 223
Wickliffe 51
Willaura 46
Willaura North 11
Woolsthorpe 80
TOTAL 2951
Sundry Parcels
WDF Sales 25
Hamilton Front Desk 50
Casterton Front Desk 20
Advertisers 60


Display, classified: 3 days prior

Display, classified: 2 days prior

Mail or courier to –
Hamilton Spectator
59 Gray Street
Hamilton Vic

or Via Adstream PageStore to Hamilton Spectator

14,000 copies monthly

Covering the South-West with 14,000 copies monthly

Distributed first week monthly as a supplement to South-Western Victoria’s major rural newspapers:

Camperdown Chronicle, Mortlake Dispatch, Terang Express, Cobden Times, Western Plains Advertiser (Skipton), Hamilton Spectator, Portland Observer, Colac Herald and via Australia Post Farmer Points to Warrnambool, Ararat, Colac, Ballarat, Winchelsea and Districts.

The Western District Farmer takes all care in compiling specifications, prices and details but cannot accept responsibility for any errors. All prices are correct at time of printing and are subject to change without notice.

No material, artwork or photos may be reproduced in whole or part without the written permission of the publishers.

Your nearest advertising representative is Sonia Gillingham, 5551 3847, sonia.gillingham@spec.com.au

Advertising Copy Formats

Deadlines for electronic delivery:

Advertisements MUST be received no later than 10am day prior to date of issue. Proofs of advertisements MUST be returned no later than 10am. Proofs returned after this time will not be guaranteed placement in that issue.

When receiving complete adverts:

The file must be saved as CMYK or Grayscale formatted PDF files, compatible with Adobe Acrobat. Files containing PMS colours cannot be guaranteed. Resolution reduced to 300dpi with embedded fonts.

All other files, including Microsoft Word documents, Publisher, Excel, Illustrator, Freehand, PageMaker, Quark Xpress, InDesign etc WILL NOT be accepted and will be returned for correct formatting.

Receiving text layout suggestions for adverts:

We are able to receive text from Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, Writer, Write and other text-based applications. These files should be saved in either Word (Doc) format or Text (Txt) format.

(Please send logos and photos etc as separate graphic files. Those included or embedded in Word documents are not suitable and may not be used in their entirety.)

Receiving pictures, photos and logos:

Pictures must be saved as TIF, JPG or PDF (high resolution/best quality) at least 150-300dpi. Where text is displayed in the graphic, resolution should be at least 300dpi to ensure type is legible.

Complete advertisements must be saved as a PDF and should be CMYK if colour or grayscale if it is to be straight black/white. Fonts should be embedded and PDF should be compatible with Acrobat.

Advertising Conditions

Page dimensions – 374 x 260mm. Specified page loadings, page 3 and back page 50%; page 5, 25%; other pages 10%. Space order rates shall apply only to the advertiser’s trade or business and shall not be used for any other purpose. Published rates are for advertisements set in a body type not smaller than 8 point. The Publisher reserves the right to omit or alter any advertisement. Every care is taken to prevent errors and accidental omissions, but no financial liability can be accepted for loss resulting from any such error or omission. While reasonable care is exercised, the publisher does not hold himself responsible for errors in or misclassification of advertisements.


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Booking & Inquiries to: Western District FARMER, 59 Gray St., Hamilton 3300
Phone: 03 5551 3847, Email: sonia.gillingham@spec.com.au